Tips for Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette

Know Your Brand… Tips To Consider When Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette

If you are thinking of making the switch to Electronic Cigarettes there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. One of these is to get to know the brands.

There is a strong misconception that all of these different products (and there are hundreds of them) are made by manufacturers who are all researching and developing their own products. This is by no means the case. While it is true that there are some companies who are doing their own research and development, the fact is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of small businesses in the market place who are simply all buying their products wholesale from the same three to five Chinese manufacturers and putting their own labels on them to make them appear different.

Electronic cigarettes are the newest alternative to traditional cigarettes catering to the many millions of smokers around the world who realise that the habit is bad for them but nonetheless want to continue enjoying the experience of smoking.  As a result, there are hundreds and hundreds of start-up businesses trying to cater to the huge market, but of course not all will last. What is important for you as a smoker – or soon to be ex-smoker – is to do your research and choose the right brand for you . Remember that you are going to be investing in a kit that you will use for many years to come, possibly the rest of your life.


Test Them Out First

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that the cheapest is not always the best. Quite obviously there are some good quality brands that are available at a fair price, but when you are just starting out and investigating the market you shouldn’t make price the only consideration. In the long run, getting a good quality starter kit that suits you is what is most important. A good idea to get the feel of a particular brand is to purchase one of their disposable Electronic Cigarette. However, you need to keep in mind that the quality of the disposable ones will not always be as good as that of the actual starter kits, so take that into consideration.


Choose the Right Electronic Cigarette for Your Particular Needs

Deciding on the Best Electronic Cigarette to suit your personal requirements is becoming something of a problem since there are so many different models and styles to choose from. There are big ones, small ones, types that look very much like a cigarette and then others which don’t look like a cigarette at all. Most people don’t want to spend too much time trying to select something for this new habit of “vaping”… as it is increasingly becoming known… and is going to replace their old smoking habit. They simply want to find a product that will suit their lifestyle and give them the same pleasure that they have always had from their cigarettes.

Probably the first thing that you need to consider is whether you want a kit that uses pre-filled atomized cartridges or whether you prefer the ones where you fill the cartridges yourself. Filling the cartridges yourself involves buying what is known as “eJuice” which is flavored nicotine solution. It seems that the majority of new “vapers” start off by using the pre-filled disposable version and then graduate to the type of kit where you fill the carts yourself.

The next thing to consider is the different sizes of batteries that are available. There are manual, automatic and variable voltage batteries on the market and they can be small and light, or larger and heavier. Many people don’t mind a heavier battery if it is going to last considerably longer than a small, light one. However, this is again a matter of personal preference and there is no “best” answer.

The next thing to consider, and probably very important, is whether you like the different flavors that each company offers. Most of them have flavors such as menthol, tobacco and chocolate, but strangely enough not all of the ones that have the same named flavors taste the same across all of the different brands. So it is important to choose a flavor that you really like. If you use a pre-filled atomized cartomizer then you are stuck with the flavor that particular brand offers. However, if you use a refillable cartridge you can purchase the refills from almost any company according to the particular flavor that you like.


Check Out Electronic Cigarette Company Reviews

This may sound rather obvious, but if you want an honest opinion you need a professional website. Fortunately for you, since you are reading this, you have already found the top rated Electronic Cigarettes Canada. The fact is that there countless numbers of electronic cigarette review sites online. If you search “electronic cigarette reviews” on Google you get 11,300,000 results! The problem with these is that the vast majority are small time affiliates who just want to earn money by getting you to buy the product that they recommend.

In most cases all they are doing is passing on the information from the manufacturer’s website which is designed to sell you the product. They are not buying and testing the product themselves, so how can they possibly give an honest opinion?

Most of these sites are really telling you nothing at all. You can probably tell that a website is full of bull if it doesn’t give you statistics – such as puff counts on batteries and cartomizers – which is the sort of thing you need to know before you can make an informed decision on the right electronic cigarette for you. You also want to make sure that the review site has videos and pictures; if not, it’s a fair bet that they have never tested the product themselves.


Make Sure There Is a Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s not much good if you order what seems to be the best electronic cigarette and then when you get it you discover that it is not up to par. Most of the reputable electronic cigarette companies online will offer some sort of warrantee, either money back or exchange.


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