Testimonials Page #3

“Wow, what fast delivery! Thank you for the speedy shipping and great products! I am really enjoying my new ecig!

“Just received my e-cigarette starter kit today. Very satisfied with the quality so far. As soon as I opened everything up I knew I bought the right one. My wife was even impressed with it all. Good stuff.

“If there was one thing I could say about this, it would be money well spent! The Ecigar has really been a great step-in from my traditional tobacco products. Not only do I smell better, but I can definitely tell I feel better and I don’t have to give up totally puffing on something I’ve had in my life for so long.

“I just wanted to say since I’ve had my e-cigarettes from I haven’t smoked in three weeks!

“Finallly, I have found an electronic cigarette that I enjoy! Most of the other brands taste weird and nothing like actual tobacco products. These are spot on. Thanks!

“I took my e-cigarette to work for the first time this past week and all of my buddies at work razzed me till I told them to simply try it. A week later, we’re all using these! Hardly anybody actually smokes real cigarettes now at work!

“I love the 12-pack bundle, I always keep a pack around for poker night with the guys. We love ‘em!

“Love, and I mean love, the herbal root ejuice. I use it every night before bed to relax.

“Cheaper than an actual pack of cigarettes and easier on the body! I don’t go anywhere without mine.

“Look so friggin’ cool! I was really blown away by the presentation of these things when I got them in the mail yesterday. Not to mention they really do taste great, I can smoke it at home without stinking up my house, and it doesn’t stink up my car. I’m a believer of these things now.

“I bought an electronic pipe for my husband’s birthday. He has been smoking a pipe for 42 years and he has not picked up his old pipe since he got this new one. He has really enjoyed it. Thank you for the quick delivery.

“I didn’t realize how convenient these little cigarettes are. Seriously, after using these for 2 weeks now, it makes me ask myself, “Where have I been!?”

“I do a lot of outdoor travel and the Mobile Solar Charger is a must have. This is built like a tank and is quick to charge the batteries. I even use it for my iPhone! Its a steal for what you pay for it…

“I got this Solar Charger as a gift and I have to say, it is not something I would buy for myself originally, but now? It makes charging so much easier when I am on the go. I live in the downtown area and I don’t always have access to an outlet since I don’t have a car, so I take this little guy with me and keep all of my electronics charged. 

“The 50-pack SNAPS are the way to go. Easy, super cheap, and enjoyable. Love it.

“This charging pack is so awesome. I went ahead and purchased the kit and it has everything you need. If you’re looking into buying an electronic cigarette of any kind, look no further. Do this one, you won’t be disappointed. 

“ePipe 605. I was super skeptical about trying these things. I honestly thought they were silly and a waste of money. Boy was I wrong, this has been a game changer for me. No more having to sneak outside away from family when I wanted to puff on my pipe. It has truly been a life changing experience. 

“You know what these little Nano’s and a Cheetah have in common? They are both awesome! I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the ePuffer Nano. Thanks a bunch!

“I wasn’t expecting my delivery till next week and I got it within two days of ordering, crazy. You guys are quick! Oh yeah, and the cigars are fantastic I just put in another order for my brother since he liked mine so much!