Testimonials Page #2

“I’ve been smoking for over 30 years and I’ve always struggled to quit. Thank God for ePuffer Nano starter kit! Quitting has never been easier.” 

“After my wife had our first child, we both knew that my cigars had to go for the good of our baby’s health. The ePuffer Electronic Cigar has made the transition to quitting completely easier.” 

“I needed something that smelled, tasted, and felt like a cigarette to satisfy the cravings. Who knew ePuffer’s e-cigarettes would do the trick!” 

“Since buying ePuffer for my needs last year, I’m proud to say that I haven’t lit up another cigarette since. I feel so much better!” 

“My grandchildren no longer call me “Smelly Grandpa.” So now I can enjoy my pipe without the smell or the negative affects on my health” 

“The ePuffer Magnum Snaps starter kit makes the change from tobacco to water vapor seamless and I couldn’t be happier with the results” 

“ePuffer makes the best electronic cigarette that’s the closest to the real deal without the smell or the damage to my lungs. A+!” 

“I always enjoyed flavored tobacco products and was pleased to see that ePuffer makes e-cigarette liquid with a variety of flavors. They’ve really thought of everything!” 

“Who knew that water vapor would trump tobacco and provide the same pleasurable and relaxing smoking experience without the worry of lung damage?” 

“Thanks to the reasonable price of ePuffer’s cartridges, I always have cartridges on hand to ensure that I’m never without my ePuffer when those cravings hit the hardest” 

“I love the solar charger! No matter where I’m at, I can have a smoke with my ePuffer. It’s especially great for when I’m outdoors, camping or not near any electricity.” 

“The ePuffer Universal Car Power Adapter is great when I’m on a long road trip. I used to smoked while I was driving so having the car charger is handy for when those old cravings hit.”

“The travel case is perfect for those evenings out with friends and I have to take my smaller bag or just carry everything in my pocket. I love how discreet it is.”

“When I’m on my laptop or desktop computer and I’m working in an area with no outlet, the ePuffer USB charger provides an alternative place to charge my e-cigarette. Great idea.”

“I’m trying to quit smoking, but I couldn’t miss cigars with the guys. ePuffer’s electronic cigars look, taste, and smell like the real thing and my friends don’t even notice!”

“Ever since buying the ePuffer Nano starter kit, I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. My clothes don’t smell anymore, and I don’t have anymore cravings. These are the best e cigs.”

“The ePuffer e-pipe looks exquisite and functions perfectly like a real tobacco pipe. I can enjoy it in my home office without causing smoke damage or smell in my house.”

“ePuffer has so many juice flavors that I’m trying new flavors that I didn’t even try while I was smoking! These taste great and satisfy the nicotine cravings.”

“Ever since I quit smoking and started using ePuffer’s electronic cigarettes, my health has improved. I can enjoy activities with my family without needing to take a break to breathe.”

“The water vapor affect of ePuffer’s e-cigarettes doesn’t have odors that stick to my clothing. This is great because I can satisfy my nicotine product without needing to wear a jacket during my smoke breaks.