How Much Are Electronic Cigarettes ?

How Much Do Electronic Cigarettes Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our readers is: How much are electronic cigarettes in comparison to regular cigarettes?  The answer to that question varies largely depending on where you live in Canada (or rather, which Province you are buying them from) because the price of traditional (analog) cigarettes ranges anywhere from $10.00 right up to $15.00… Ouch!

For simplicity sake we will answer the question based upon the national average price for a pack of cigarettes which is said to soon hit as much as $17.00, we will also base our answer upon a pack-a-day habit… with that said let’s do the math.

Again, we will keep this as simple as possible, so for example: If you are a pack a day smoker and were to purchase the Pro Starter Kit (our personal recommendation) at $78.95 plus a full year’s supply of cartridges, the total cost would be approximately $805.00 (ONLY$1.99 per pack) now if you were to purchase a full year’s supply of regular cigarettes at the national average price of $13.00 per pack, the total cost would be $4,745

When you subtract the cost of a year’s supply of electronic cigarettes ($805.00) from the cost of a year’s supply of tobacco cigarettes ($4745.00) the annual savings is a whopping $3940.00. Additionaly, you could purchase one of their Basic Starter Kits for only $44.95 and experience an even greater savings.

So no mater how you look at it and no matter what price you are currently paying for regular cigarettes, you will always come out way ahead by switching over to the CanCigs… period!


let’s not forget the tremendous savings you will realize on your health care, however we won’t get into that in this post, that topic is worthy of a post on it’s own.