Direct Dripping With Electronic Cigarettes

Direct Dripping

This is when e-liquid is dripped directly onto the atomizer within the MOD itself and none of the above systems are used. This gives the best overall vaping experience from any of our best electronic cigarettes or similar devices, however this method has limitations as you only get about 4-5 puffs per couple of drips at a time. This means that you are constantly dripping e-juice onto the atomizer. It also means you have to carry a bottle of e-juice around with you. However that being said… there are devices that can house a bottle e-juice and allow you to directly feed the atomizer by squeezing the bottle. Again this system has it’s prose and cons.

Drip tip and Drip Shields

Drip tips and drip shields are used to cover the atomizer to provide a mouth piece as well as for easier dripping. The name drip tip is also given to any mouthpiece used in vaping. Drip shields are devices used to cover the atomizer to reduce leakage from over. ( you can not do direct dripping with cartomizers)
Best Electronic Cigarette Drip Tips and Drip Shields

The image above is that of a rebuild-able tank/atomizer system and comes complete with three different resistance atomizer heads. These types of systems incorporate a wick that pulls up e-Liquid to the atomizer at the top. The unit be easily dismantled for cleaning and the top just unscrews for topping up. You can also use standard drip tips for this device.

The Atomizer heads come in several resistances and are replaceable, even rebuild-able if you purchase coil wire and wicks

Rebuild-able Atomizers

For the more advanced vaper who has moved beyond vaping simple electronic cigarettes there are more expensive rebuild-able atomizers on the market such as the steam machine model or the more affordable model called the Phoenix.

There are also more expensive rebuild-able atomizer tank systems similar in principle to theĀ  Vivi Nova, However the Vivi Nova is an excellent product and a good place to start.

Direct dripping is not an option with Cancigs electronic cigarettes as they have opted to only sell prefilled models that do not rquire the user to add ejuice. Reading our review will enlighten you as to why they have been nominated as the best electronic cigarettes Canada. One quick look at their website and you will understand why!