Electronic Cigarette Mods


MODS are the main component of the very best electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers (PV’s) that contain the battery and circuitry.

The basic idea of the MOD is to enable the vaper to use large batteries and hence have longer vaping times between charges. There are numerous amounts of MODS ranging from cheap chinese mad to top of yhe line products such as provari

Advanced MODS

There are MODS available that enable the user to vary the voltage to the atomizer. This allows you to find your your sweet spot using different types of atomizers, cartomizers as well as different types of e-liquid

Some of the more advanced MODS such as the Provari add more additional features. This MOD allows users to check check the atomizer’s resistance, very handy when you have a load of carts lying around and you don’t know which is which.

Best Electronic Cigarette Mods

These more advanced MODS also incorporate a regulated output. What this means is that the voltage is kept constant to the atomizer regardless of the charge level in the battery. This is another great feature as it gives you a constant output, where as with unregulated outputs throat hit will gradually die as the battery drains.

These devices also include protection systems such as atomizer short circuit, high temperature, reverse polarity (reversing the battery) and a vent hole drilled at the bottom in the unlikely event of a battery problem occurring.

A popular VV MOD is the Lavatube Which provides some of these features at a reasonable price — inset image

There is also the eGo C Twist Which is a VV MOD with a range of 3.2-4.8v in the popular eGo form factor. However this is unregulated.


These are just MODS in a box form factor DIYers and custom designs

Direct Feeding Mods

These MODS can house a bottle containing your eliquid. All you need to do is give the bottle a couple squeezes load your atomizer or top off your cartomizer. This is a great system but can have problems with the atomizer flooding or may require occasional inversion for priming.