Electronic Cigarette Atomizers


Atomizers screw directly onto the battery. They come with a few different types of fitting the most common being the 510 type.

Other common connection types are the 808 and 901. It is important to know what type of fitting your battery has in order to obtain the correct type of replacement atomizers and cartomizers etc.. However it is possible to purchase adaptors.
Generally speaking the best electronic cigarettes will  use the 510 fitting as you will be able to try more types of atomizing devices with it.Best Electronic Cigarette Atomizers

Single and Dual Coil

Usually the Atomizer has a single coil but dual coils are available. These are two coils wired in parallel giving a lower resistance and doubled heated surface area for vaporization.

The resistance of the atomizer is very important as this is a factror in determining the out power of the e-cig and is part of the equation in the overall experience of smoking an electronic cigarette or relate device. The lower the resistance the higher the output power producing a stronger vaping sensation with more vapor, throat hit and flavor.

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