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(Ottawa, Canada) – As the sales of electronic cigarettes continue to explode, manufacturers and distributors are pouring millions of dollars into advertising and marketing campaigns in an effort to gain the strongest foothold in what has quickly become a multi billion dollar industry. Thousands of men and women across canada are now turning to electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, which begs the question… Who sells the best electronic cigarettes in the Canadian market today?

Often imitated but never duplicated has set the standard in the industry and have become synonymous with excellence, selling  the most sought after e-cigarettes in the marketplace to date, their first-rate line of premium electronic cigarettes and related products is unparalleled and they have become recognized by industry leaders as the best electronic cigarette brand in Canada. While many retailers of electronic cigarettes are selling sub-standard products that have been mass produced (thus sacrificing quality control in an effort to produce a cheaply made product that can be sold with a higher profit margin), this company has steadfastly insisted upon selling a  brand of e-cigarettes and related products under their own guidance to ensure an unsurpassed product line that will have customers returning over and over again… and that is exactly what they have achieved!

The company reports an astounding re-order rate of 96% on their electronic cigarettes and related products such as: e-cartridges, e-batteries and miscellaneous items, meaning that 96 out of 100 customers continue to do business with them. (FYI, a percentage of that magnitude is completely unheard of in this industry!) They pride themselves on providing unsurpassed quality components, superior vapour and unparalleled customer service coupled with patented leading technology which has easily propelled them to the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry in Canada… Check them out and discover for yourself why they have been proclaimed the “Canada’s Highest-Rated Electronic Cigarette”.

CanCigs Review – Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

The Pro Kit is Canada’s smallest and most convenient electronic cigarette starter kit on the market today, it comes with it’s own high-tech personal charging case (pcc) enabling you to always have a freshly charged e-cig ready to be used at any moment. Proprietary and patented two-piece design consists of a pre-filled cartomizer with your choice of tobacco or menthol flavours coupled with a long lasting lithium battery, each kit contains 2 batteries and 3 disposable cartomizers equating to approximately 3 packs of regular cigarettes, the charging case (pcc) is small, sleek and stylish and is about the same size as a small pack of cigarettes, fitting nicely into a shirt pocket or small purse. The look and feel is so familiar that many users report actually trying to flick the ashes off while smoking one of these ecigarettes… that’s just how realistic they are!

Finest E-Juices and E-Liquids

Manufactured under strict quality control to exacting standards their pre-filled cartomizers have become the envy of the industry, with the highest quality tobacco and menthol flavours to satisfy even the most discerning palate, they comply with the strict guidelines set forth by Health Canada and do not contain nicotine, only the finest liquids and food grade ingredients are used.

Superior E-Cartridge Technology

Once you have made the switch to electronic cigarettes you will only need to purchase a starter kit in the beginning then it’s just a matter or replenishing your supply of cartridges which are sold at a fraction of the cost of tobacco cigarettes, their unique atomizer technology means no more burning taste, no more leakage and no more low quality vapour, customers report vapour plumes to be as thick as traditional cigarettes, but of course completely harmless as it is only water vapor!

First-Rate E-Cig Accessories

A variety of accessories are offered to compliment whatever electronic smoking devise you have purchased, they sell wall chargers, USB chargers, USB cable adaptors as well spare parts such as batteries.

Unmatched Guarantee

 They are so confident in the outstanding quality of their electronic cigarettes they are backed with an industry leading 60 day exchange guarantee ( as outlined in our tips for choosing the best e-cigarette )

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